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I had Jeff with PestMafia out to the house to look at our squirrel issues. I just had Critter Control out previously and they used scare tactics to make my problem sound worse than it was, telling me a complete insulation clean out and replacement was necessary. And that was just the start. Thankfully a neighbor recommended PestMafia. Jeff did a full inspection and solved our problem at a fraction of the cost. Very professional, high integrity, honest, easy going, knowledgeable and at a much better price. Highly recommended.

- Jill in Boulder

We used Pest Mafia to get rid of all the wasps around the house and shed. Several small nests were treated and a preventative spray was done.

Very satisfied with the work that was done, we can enjoy the deck. Very affordable and only had to wait 2 days for them to come out.

- Terry Simpson

Called PestMafia (Jeff) for a nasty pigeon problem on our roof last fall. Not only did he do a great job of cleaning out the nests and installing wire mesh to keep them from building again, but he was timely, efficient, and reasonably priced. He also helped us recently with a mouse problem next to our patio. With little kids in our house, Jeff was very careful with poison placement and made us feel at ease that our kids will be safe. Jeff knows his stuff and is easy to talk to!

- Megan Hodges

I also used PestMafia for bat nest removal in my attic and he did an amazing job! Highly recommend him!!!

- Jen Jones

After having 2 other pest control companies out to our townhome complex and not being able to solve the mouse mystery we had all but given up. I saw Jeff’s name on a neighborhood board and contacted him. Very thorough, professional and made us feel at ease. After a long inspection he was able to pin point the areas of entry. They were sealed and 3 weeks later still no sign of mice. Thanks PestMafia!

- Nicole and friends

Kudos to PestMafia, our mice are finally gone!!!! Jeff sealed the outside of the house and set traps. After catching 4-5 initially none have been caught since. Very affordable and personable. Thank you, thank you!!!

- Don and Tina (Gunbarrel)

No more mice, no more voles. We can live in peace now :)

Thanks Jeff, you are the best!

- Denise and Dean

PestMafia has done it again with great results. We used them on several of our rental problems, from mice to wasps, birds and most recently raccoons in one of the attics. The jobs are done quickly, professionally and at very fair prices. Thanks Jeff.


Thanks PestMafia for getting rid of them nasty little spiders in our house. Such a relief to not see them things in the basement any more!!

And my wife and kids are much happier. Great service.

- Tim D. (Erie)

Found PestMafia on What a great help that has been. We really didn’t know who to trust but after seeing several recommendations there and on the website convinced me. So glad we found you!! No more spiders, no more mice!!! Yeahhhh. Thank you Jeff for the quick and affordable service.

- Trina Sanders

Thanks Jeff (Mouse Whisperer) for solving our mouse issues. No more bait stations the other company said was necessary. Jeff plugged the holes the mice were using to gain access to our crawl space and now we are rodent free! Can’t recommend Jeff and PestMafia highly enough. Very professional and affordable.

- Susie Erickson

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